Bridge collapse: SAR operations stopped, one worker still missing

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The collapsed bridge near Mid Valley Megamall.

KUALA LUMPUR: The search and rescue operations at the collapsed bridge near Mid Valley Megamall here have been stopped, although there is still the mystery of one missing worker.

City Fire and Rescue Department deputy operations chief Ruhisha Haris said K-9 teams were deployed but could find no signs of a body at the site.

“Since there are no signs of a dead body, as confirmed by our K-9 unit, I ended our operations at 11am,” he said when met at the site shortly after.

However the mystery of the missing construction worker still remains.

“We first received information that the worker might have been trapped … because a colleague saw him under the bridge a few minutes before it collapsed.

“A headcount by the developer also revealed a missing worker, but they were unable to give us a name,” he said.

Ruhisha conceded that the body may have fallen into the river, but said the chances of that were slim.

“I don’t discount it, but the worker was last seen on the road under the bridge, so it is unlikely,” he said.

He however added that firemen would still be stationed at the site in case a body is found during the cleanup.

“The investigation into the cause of the collapse will be taken over by the Public Works Department,” he said.

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